Other Payments & Royalties (Non-Oil & Gas)

All other payments (non-oil & gas royalty payments) should be paid with a paper check and mailed through USPS to University Lands at P.O. Box 553, Midland, TX 79702 or overnight delivery to our physical address at 704 W. Dengar, Midland, TX 79705. Checks should be made out to the University of Texas System. Non-oil & gas checks include payments for:

  • Easements
  • Surface leases
  • Caliche
  • Location damages
  • Water & brine royalties
  • Salt water disposal
  • Grazing
  • Penalty & interest

For Other Payment (Non-Oil & Gas Royalty) questions, please contact Amber Jackson at ajackson@utsystem.edu.

Notification & Payment Process for UL Surface-Related Fees (Non-Royalty)

  1. Submit the W-1 drilling permit and the approved RRC permit to UL Oil and Gas Regulatory with email copies to the designated University Lands’ Field Representative.
  2. University Lands does not invoice for location fees. Mail the location fee payment with the W-1 or API number noted on the check to:
    University Lands
    ATTN: Brandy Hamm
    PO Box 553
    Midland, TX 79702
  3. Construction of the location may begin only if:
    1. The route and/or location have been approved by the designated UL Field Representative.
    2. UL receipt of location fee with approved W-1.
  4. For Off-Lease Drill Site Surface Lease application:
    1. Operator submits the application, survey plat, and shapefiles to ulrw@utsystem.edu. The application must include the associated wells and API numbers for that well pad.
    2. Copy the designated UL Field Representative on the email application.
    3. Well pad construction may begin prior to applying for the Off-Lease Drill Site Surface Lease as long as item #3 above, has been satisfied.
  5. After construction of well pad and roads are completed:
    1. Email Brandy Hamm (bhamm@utsystem.edu) and the designated UL Field Representative the new road length and caliche usage.
    2. Email must include the Operator name, Block & Section Number, Well Name & Number, and API number.
    3. Do not send a copy of the contractor’s invoice unless requested.
  6. SBM Earth Moving & Construction manages caliche pits in certain designated University Lands areas. SBM will invoice the operator for any UL caliche used. Notify the designated UL Field Representative before entering a caliche pit or to contact the SBM pit manager.
  7. Upon receipt of the required information, UL will invoice the operator based on submitted numbers.
  8. UL will invoice the operator separately for Off-Lease Drill Site Surface Lease contracts once UL-ROW has finalized the contract.
  9. Payments must be made within 30 days based on the due date of the invoices.