University Lands’ (UL) mission to manage the resources of the Permanent University Fund (PUF) Lands for the long-term benefit of Texans necessitates assertive and proactive environmental management.

UL continuously assesses and evaluates the risk of all commercial activity occurring on the Lands, including oil and gas development, renewable energy development, pipeline construction, ranching, retail, and industrial processes. Staff work hard to garner best practices and requires that these best practices be implemented by those companies doing business on PUF Lands.

UL facilitates communications and compliance through its relationships with regulatory agencies that include the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Railroad Commission of Texas, Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Staff coordinate and monitor the multiple uses of the Lands by performing inspections and overseeing prescribed corrective action. All construction is monitored to ensure cooperative co-existence for all users of acreage.

University Lands is proud of its environmental record and is dedicated to prudently evolving its policies and practices as technology and industry continue to evolve.