Lease Sales

Sealed Bid Oil & Gas Lease Sale No. 131

University Lands’ lease sale #131 is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022*; the exact date will be forthcoming.

We are now accepting nominations for tracts – with nominations closing on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 5:00 PM CDT. Please follow the links below for instructions, nomination request form, and the Available Parcels Map.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

*Lease sale date TBD, Fall 2022 upon approval by the Board for Lease of University Lands.

**Please be aware that the map & shapefiles are subject to change. Open tracts will be updated as they become available. Additionally, the status, availability and classification of the tracts is based on University Lands staff research and is not an endorsement or affirmation of the status of any particular leasehold by University Land

Previous Lease Sale Results

Sale No - Date
Regular Sale Frontier Sale
Preliminary Results Sealed Bid Results Lease Sale Summary
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Oct 2021
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Sept 2018
129 Sealed Bid Results 129 Lease Sale Summary N/A
No. 128
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Feb 2016
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No. 125
March 2014
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No. 124
September 2013
124 Preliminary Results 124 Sealed Bid Results 124 Lease Sale Summary N/A
No. 123
April 2013
123 Preliminary Results 123 Sealed Bid Results 123 Lease Sale Summary 123F Results
No. 122
September 2012
122 Preliminary Results 122 Sealed Bid Results 122 Lease Sale Summary N/A
No. 121
March 2012
121 Preliminary Results 121 Sealed Bid Results 121 Lease Sale Summary N/A
No. 120
September 2011
120 Preliminary Results 120 Sealed Bid Results 120 Lease Sale Summary N/A
No. 119
March 2011
119 Preliminary Results 119 Sealed Bid Results 119 Lease Sale Summary N/A

Archive of Past Oil and Gas Lease Sale Data (.zip)