UL has launched a new cost-sharing initiative to encourage oil and gas operators to implement measurable emission reduction programs on its lands. The Environmental Stewardship Incentives Program (ESIP) provides opportunities to operators that are interested in proven best practices, technology upgrades or research efforts on their UL leasehold that will demonstrably reduce or, as it relates to research, measure or test technology related to emission reductions. Some potential examples include the use of and/or implementation of leak detection and repair services or programs; the installation of vapor recovery units and towers; and the replacement of high-bleed pneumatic devices. UL is also open to helping offset costs related to research efforts if conducted on UL acreage.

Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis. The amount of funding available may vary annually, and availability for funding may vary throughout the year.  For more information contact Rick Costa at 432-686-4730.

Environmental Stewardship Incentives Program (ESIP) Application