UL prioritizes the minimization of emissions and flaring on its lands and within the industry. By maintaining regular communication with operators and regulatory bodies, UL promotes the adoption of safe and effective best practices to limit these occurrences.

Most of the production from UL is managed by public companies that have set specific goals for the reduction of methane intensity within their operations. UL maintains continuous dialogue with these companies and other producers on the Lands regarding facility modifications, leak detection and repair, and emissions reduction objectives.

Operators are motivated to ensure that all gas produced enters the sales line due to the fact that royalty is owed on all gas volumes produced from UL leases, whether vented, flared or used as lease fuel.

As a result of these efforts, emissions and flaring across UL acreage has been consistently lower by comparison than that of the total Permian Basin for six consecutive years which is consistent with the goal of leading the Permian Basin in overall reduction of emissions and flaring.