University Lands' lease sale #131 is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022*, the exact date will be forthcoming.  Nominations may be submitted between March 1, 2022 and June 15, 2022.

 *Lease sale date TBD, Fall 2022 upon approval by the Board for Lease of University Lands

To make nominations:

  • Go to the "Sale 131 - Available Parcels" map (link - Available Acreage map)
  • Zoom in on the area of interest and click on the desired parcel to find the Parcel Number and full parcel description (legal description, available depths, and acreage)
  • Please note when viewing the map:
    • Yellow tracts are available for lease as to all depths
    • Red & White striped tracts are available only as to the depths described
    • White tracts are presently leased as to all depths

The map is subject to change. Open tracts will be updated as they become available. Additionally, the status, availability and classifiction of the tracts is based on University Lands staff research and is not an endorsement or affirmation of the status of any particular leasehold by University Lands.

 Sample Map

  • Once you have selected the Parcels that you with to nominate, enter the Parcels in this spreadsheet: UL Nomination Request Form, or create an Excel spreadsheet with the information and format shown in the sample below; all fields are required.
  • Mail to UL_LandMinerals@utsystem.edu


  • Sample nomination


For issues with the map or the nomination process, please email UL_LandMinerals@utsystem.edu.