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Surface Use Agreements

University Lands (UL) offers surface use agreements for, but not limited to, easements; commercial, industrial and municipal use; water infrastructure; and mineral exploration and production. Consideration is published in the Rate & Damage Schedule.

Applications for surface agreements can be found on the Forms page.

Contacts: Jim Buice: ude.metsystu@eciubj
Easements & Surface Leases

Easements for pipelines, powerlines and other utility lines are available, along with surface leases for a variety of commercial and municipal purposes.

Groundwater Contracts

University Lands offers contracts for municipal, commercial, and industrial groundwater use.

Saltwater Disposal Contracts

UL offers saltwater disposal (SWD) contracts for disposal of water produced from UL O&G leases.

Hard Mineral Exploration Permits

UL entertains proposals for exploration and mining of hard minerals such as sulphur and caliche.