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Oil & Gas Production and Royalty Payment Reporting

Monthly reporting by the operator on all producing University Lands’ oil and gas leases is required by the Texas Education Code (Chapter 66.77) and is further governed by the Board for Lease Rules (subchapter 3.1).

Oil reports and payments are due on the 5th day of the second month following production. Gas reports and payments are due on the 15th day of the second month following production. All production reporting must be submitted through the Compass Portal.

  1. Compass: Getting Started
  2. Compass: Training & FAQs
  3. Electronic Payments/TEXNET
  4. Minimum Royalty

Compass: Getting Started

All production and royalty payment reporting must be submitted through the Compass Portal. Authorization to use this portal requires the completion of an Electronic Filing Certification Agreement (Form UT-6). The completed form may be faxed to our office at: (432) 683-8780 or emailed to Leslie Smith at Once received, the user will be set up will receive an email with the new Compass User ID and password link information.

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Compass: Training & FAQs

Compass Training materials and a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found here:

Electronic Payments/TEXNET

All companies that remit oil and gas royalties are encouraged to make electronic payments. Companies that remit $20,000 or more annually in royalties are required to submit these payments electronically.

Electronic payments are made using the Texas Comptroller's TEXNET System. In order to access this system, a payor must complete and return a University of Texas System Payor Information Form to the Comptroller.

Payments made through TEXNET may be paid by either an ACH Debit or an ACH Credit with Addenda. Refer to TEXNET Electronic Funds Transfer-University Lands, Electronic Funds Transfer of TEXNET, and TEXNET Instruction Booklet for detailed information. The following documents are related to TEXNET payments:

For Electronic Payment questions, please contact Leslie Smith at ude.metsystu@htimsl.

Minimum Royalty

Minimum royalty is the amount of oil, gas, and shut-in royalties sufficient to maintain the UT lease in force and effect. Lessees are responsible for paying, or causing to be paid, the difference between the rental stated in the lease agreement and the total amount of royalties received by University Lands in the preceding lease year.

For Minimum Royalty questions, please contact Cindy Brooks at ude.metsystu@skoorbc.