About University Lands

University Lands is the fiduciary steward of 2.1 million acres of land across 19 counties in West Texas, managing both the surface and mineral interests for the benefit of the Permanent University Fund (PUF).

The PUF is one of the largest university endowments in the United States and benefits more than 20 educational and health institutions across The University of Texas System and Texas A&M University System.

In addition to mineral leases for energy development, revenue for the PUF comes from leasing surface rights for a variety of purposes, including schools, hospitals, churches, ranching and wineries. Renewable energy is a growing source of revenue, with several solar and wind energy developments placed on PUF lands. And University Lands is able to supply water to several West Texas municipalities from major and minor aquifers on the lands.

These activities are an economic engine for Texas, producing thousands of jobs and commercial activity in addition to generating millions of dollars in state tax revenue and billions in GDP annually.

University Lands strives to be the best land management organization in the country, providing prudent stewardship aimed at protecting the environment while earning the best possible return on investment. Achieving this mission ensures the lands continue to thrive for generations to come, supporting not only Texas public higher education but also life-changing and life-saving research and innovations that improve the lives of Texans and people around the world.

Today, the PUF Lands comprise 2.1 million acres in nineteen counties in West Texas.

County # Acres County # Acres County # Acres
Andrews 293,029 Crane 65,244 Crockett 368,523
Culberson 46,421 Dawson 163 Ector 6,317
El Paso 11,745 Gaines 2,805 Hudspeth 493,405
Irion 25,353 Loving 25,881 Martin 16,687
Pecos 190,863 Reagan 218,105 Schleicher 61,835
Terrell 61,885 Upton 86,429 Winkler 49,036
Ward 81,047 Total Acres: 2,104,772