Santa Rita No.  1

Santa Rita No. 1

Why Santa Rita?

Mr. Frank Pickrell was one of the partners responsible for the drilling of the Santa Rita No. 1.  The reason for the name "Santa Rita" is best told in Frank Pickrell's own words:

"The name of Santa Rita really originated in New York.  Some of the stock salesmen had encouraged a group of Catholic women to invest in the Group I certificates.  These women became a little worried about the wisdom of their investment and consulted with their priest.  He apparently was also somewhat skeptical and suggested that the women invoke the aid of Santa Rita, who was the patron saint of the impossible.  As I was leaving New York on one of my subsequent trips to the field, two of these women handed me a sealed envelope and told me that the envelope contained a red rose that had been blessed by the priest in the name of the saint.  The women asked me to take the rose back to Texas with me -- to climb to the top of the derrick and scatter the rose petals, which by then were dry, over the rig and to say 'I hereby christen thee Santa Rita'.  I faithfully followed those instructions."

Santa Rita No. 1 - History